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Reporting Requirements Blueprint




Southern Cross Pet Insurance




Strategy, Analytics Blueprint


Figjam, Illustrator, Excel, Google Meet

the brief

  • Southern Cross Pet Insurance had a big development challenge ahead of them: to transition all of their reporting from legacy systems being phased out to a more modern analytics stack.

  • They relied on Access Databases, Business Objects reports and a sea of spreadsheets to derive insights to their business and now had to figure out how to transition into using tools like Snowflake and Power BI

  • Most of the original reporting requirements evolved over time, new business needs have emerged and this makes for a very busy time for the business partners, who have to keep the current insights running, while also trying to figure out how to tackle the monumental task ahead of them.

the process

  • We started meeting the audience, made of 15 stakeholder groups in a series of workshops curated to capture the current user experience, the gaps of the current reporting, the levels of confidence the audience had in the data they were consuming, as well as their struggles and wishes when it comes to analytics products.

  • Then, all the information collected was organised in the shape of user stories and user behaviour insights. This stage helps to identify clusters of thematic work, making it easier to prioritise pieces of work afterwards.

  • Finally, all this information is compiled and used to map out thematic clusters that match user requirements and current datasets, turning them into smaller development groups that can be broken down into subjects and tasks more easily.

  • The whole process took 3 weeks.


  • A 20 page blueprint document, alongside a spreadsheet were delivered to serve as a working guide to the Business Partner to liaise with the Data & Analytics teams on which themes, audiences, pieces of work, user stories or end-user concerns need to be addressed and in what order.

  • The document also contains valuable insights about the data literacy and behaviour of the users when it comes to consuming data on their day to day activities.

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