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Charting  unknown waters?

Data visualization can be challenging, but you don't need to go alone!

Whether you're preparing for an important presentation or just need some feedback on your design, help is just one session away.

Who is it for?

These sessions are ideal for anyone who has questions about dataviz but no one to ask! You need answers but don't have the time to commit to full courses or the budget to hire a dataviz specialist full-time - I'm here for your dataviz quick-fix!

Perfect for professionals, small teams, and anyone who knows their dataviz could be better, but are unsure how.

  • Preparing a key presentation? I can help you make sure those visuals are top notch, communicating your data clearly and effectively;

  • Dashboard woes? Confused users? Suffering from "how-do-I-extract-it-to-Excel" syndrome? I can help you assess your dashboards and provide you with a blueprint of improvements to take them from meh to awesome!

  • Looking for an ad-hoc expert who can help you get better at dataviz? I can help you refine and improve your dataviz practice!

  • New to data visualization? Get guidance on the basics and learn effective strategies for starting your data viz journey on the right foot.

Rescue sessions are problem-solving focused, so they won't fit certain situations, such as:

  • Training and upskilling on a particular technology: while we can discuss and ideate solutions for problems you might be having with tools like Tableau or Power BI, these sessions are not intended as training. If you're looking for a structured learning approach, get in touch to explore options.

  • Big groups: 1:1 settings are preferred, but they can work with a small team. They will not work for larger groups, where more structure might be required. If you want bigger workshop-style sessions, get in touch, and we can discuss the options!

  • I won't implement the solutions for you: we will work together to define which steps you can take to solve a problem or improve a visualisation you might have, but you'll be the one implementing the solutions. If you require development or consulting work, please get in touch so we can discuss other options.

  • Career coaching: While I'm happy to help you with some guidance if you're getting started, these sessions aren't meant as career coaching. If you're looking for dataviz mentoring, I highly recommend reaching out to the Data Visualisation Society, as they have awesome resources to help you grow and thrive in the field. :)

Who is it not for?

The rescue Sessions are not structured as training or workshops. They're informal, 1:1 meetings designed to help you in a pinch and adapted to your particular needs.

How does it work?

Opt for a single, focused session to address an immediate challenge, or select from my package options for ongoing, in-depth support and development for you or your team

Choose an option, book the sessions, we meet virtually and you take it from there!

  • Choose from one of the options below, log into your account and book the sessions within the time frame allocated in your package.

  • Answer the pre-session questions, and I'll come prepared to make the best of our time during the 60 minutes we have allocated.

"I would highly recommend the Rescue Sessions to anyone who needs assistance! T. was extremely thorough and went above and beyond to ensure that my questions were answered and that I had enough information to move on with my data viz project."

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Mendis Works Limited

Data Rocks to the rescue!

The Data Viz Rescue Sessions are designed to guide you through your data visualisation challenges, whether you're in a quick bind or seeking long-term support. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and let me help you in your dataviz journey!

  • - S.O.S.

    Swift On-spot Support - 1 rescue session
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Single 60-Minute Rescue Session
    • Book within 2 weeks of purchase
    • Customised session to your unique needs and challenges
    • Leave with concrete next steps to improve your data viz
    • Helpful resources sent to you by e-mail
  • - S.A.V.E.

    Seasonal Aid for Viz Emergencies - 4 rescue sessions
    Valid for 3 months
    • Four 60-Minute Rescue Sessions
    • Book within 3 months of purchase
    • Customised session to your unique needs and challenges
    • Ideal to gather feedback and advice over time
    • Helpful resources available at your member's area
  • - H.E.L.P.

    Half-yearly Expert Lifeline Package - 12 rescue sessions
    Valid for 6 months
    • Twelve 60-Minute Rescue Sessions
    • Book within 6 months of purchase
    • Customised session to your unique needs and challenges
    • Address recurring issues in your data viz practice
    • Helpful resources available at your member's area
    • Your sessions will be tailored to your evolving needs.
    • Ideal for longer term projects

*Sessions are dependent on agenda availability. | Non-profit special pricing available. Get in touch for more information.

Got any questions?

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