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dataviz mini-workshops

The bite-sized training session, for today's attention spans and budgets.


there is so much to learn in dataviz!

If you are frequently faced with one specific dataviz challenge that you'd like to learn more about quickly, I've got you!

Data Visualisation is a field as awesome as it is vast. Designing good dataviz requires knowledge of technology, communication and design principles, not to mention domain knowledge! It can get overwhelming fast!

My dataviz mini-workshops are sharp, 60-minute sessions packed to the brim with relevant content, zooming into one specific subject.

They are designed to help you quickly level up your dataviz practice when the content is relevant to where you are in your dataviz journey.

how does it work?

Check below to see which mini-workshop themes are available right now. Choose the one that speaks to your team's needs right now.

Get in touch, we'll agree on content and dates. I'll then prepare my 60-minute session to deliver to your team.


The sessions include a mini-exercise and a swift Q&A at the end. You'll also have takeaway materials to complement the lessons.

who is it for?

Teams working with data visualisation, information design, or that recently found themselves having to communicate data, but are a bit at a loss.


The sessions work best for teams with tight time allocation, and clear objectives on what they need to learn.


If you see a theme below that seems like exactly what you need, at the right time, you might be my perfect audience.

The structure of the sessions also work for budget-conscious teams. Sometimes it is best to go bite-sized than get more than you can chew.

who is it not for?

The sessions assume you and your team have a basic understanding of why you need to create data visualisations. You might not be sure how to approach a specific subject, but you have at least tried your hand at creating a couple of charts here and there.

The sessions are 100% virtual. No in-person engagements are available at this stage.

The mini-workshops are not focused on any particular technology stack. If you need step-by-step guidance on how to do something in Tableau or Power BI, for example, these are not for you.

dataviz mini-workshops

Choose your theme and get in touch to discuss the details!

New themes coming soon.

Don't see the theme you were looking for? Get in touch and tell me more about it! I might consider it for a future release!

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